Junior Development Series 2016

Junior Development Series 2016

Shaw Park to host the next tournament. May 1 & 2.

May is just around the corner and what better way to welcome the new month than with another JDS event. Shaw Park Tennis Centre will be playing host to the tournament which promises to be another showcase of young local tennis talent! On-line entry is now open for all events catering to juniors from Orange Ball Hot Shots right through to 17 years.

The Junior Development Series is a group of tournaments for beginner to intermediate players. If you are playing regular fixture tennis then the Junior Development Series is for you. The JDS sits under the Optus Junior Tour in the competition pathway and is designed to give players valuable tournament experience.

The tournament will run on May 1st and 2nd, 2016. For more information, and all tournament enquiries, please contact the tournament director Ash Playford by email at tournaments@tennisgear.com.au.

Entries will close this SUNDAY, April 24 at 11:59PM

Players earn points towards their Tennis Brisbane ranking. The top two players for each age group are invited to play in the State finals in Rockhampton later in the year.Visit the Tennis Brisbane website for more information.
Orange Ball Hot Shots Mixed
Green Ball Hot Shots Mixed

11 & U Singles Mixed
11 & U Doubles Mixed

13 & U Boys Singles
13 & U Boys Doubles
13 & U Girls Singles
13 & U Girls Doubles

15 & U Boys Doubles
15 & U Boys Singles
15 & U Girls Singles
15 & U Girls Doubles
17 & U Boys Singles
17 & U Boys Doubles
17 & U Girls Singles
17 & U Girls Doubles

Fast 4 Tennis Wrap


Hi players,

Happy Easter! We hope you are having a safe and enjoyable long weekend.
Thank you for joining us throughout this season, it has been great getting to know everyone and playing when we could.  It has definitely been a learning process from day 1 for all of us. The different rules took a bit of getting used to, but we all got there in the end!
Last Friday we all got together for one last night of tennis and a BBQ. We really enjoyed the night and hope you did too! We also did a few presentations at the end of the night, the best dressed category went to Jenny F who turned up in a great amount of colour.
Huge well done to Richard who took our the overall FAST4 Champion title.  Damian wasn’t far behind in second place, and Jenny M coming in third place.
Here are the overall scores from the season:

In the email that was sent out at the start of the term I explained how the scoring was going to work and what was needed to qualify for the win.  The scores were gathered each week from the ‘teams’ results.  All games WON and LOST made a different to the overall score.  The score the ‘team’ got was also the ‘individual’ result that week for both players in the team.  If we had set teams each week we wouldn’t have had to worry about transferring the scores.  To be in the running to win you were required to have attended at least 6 times.

I know a few people expressed interest in continuing to play socially throughout the holidays until FAST4 returns. We most certainly have the courts available but we are unfortunately not able to organise the night.  The best option for the next 2 weeks would be to get a group together and hire a court. FAST4 will be back before you know it though! Our Monday Night Social is another great option.  There are no coaches throughout the holidays but we have a group attend each Monday night, 7.30pm just for social play.
If you’ve got any queries or feedback for us please let us know.  We would like to thank each and every one of you for joining us the weeks you could and making the program as successful as it has been.  We can’t wait to see everyone back after the holidays.  We will be in contact with more information soon.

All the best,

Robyn & Will

Shaw Park Tennis Team


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+617 32661 660 |  e shawpark@tennisgear.com.au

Web: www.shawparktennis.com.au | 

Week 9 Make-Up Day – BOOK NOW!

Saturday March 19 is our last make up day this term!

Week 9 Make Up Day

We’ve set the date for our second make up day this term:

Saturday March 19 2016

Book in now for our week 9 Make-up day to be held this Saturday March 19th. Classes are available  for our Hot Shots and Squad students that have missed a lesson this term and would like to make it up. Booking your place is ESSENTIAL. Please contact the office on 3266 1660 or email shawpark@tennisgear.com.au

Book in here
Class times are as follows:

Development Squad times:





Competing in tournaments and in a variety of different environments is a key element of a child’s tennis development. Tennis Gear is extremely proud to be able to sponsor and support various tournaments throughout the year to help foster the next generation of Australian champions.


Whether you are aiming to be the next Lleyton Hewitt or Nick Kyrgios or are just looking to test yourself and help develop your game there is a tournament out there for you.


Please click below for a list of tournaments proudly presented by Tennis Gear as well as links to enter these events online. For further information about these or any other events please don’t hesitate to call us on 3266 1660 or speak to your coach.



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Family Trivia Night

Hello Shaw Park Tennis Families,

You are invited to …

Fun Family Tennis and Trivia Night

Come on down to the courts for a game of trivia, some pizza and a drink.
Invite some tennis friends, or join a table.

We are trying to create a family atmosphere at the club.

Trivia Night T1, 2016

Hope to see you there.

Photos from last years Trivia Night …

Trivia 2015 Trivia 2015 2 Trivia 2015 3 Trivia 2015 4

Summer Competition Scores Finalised


Our internal 2016 Tennis Gear Summer Competition ran over the course of two nights, Monday 11th and 18th (unfortunately we missed out on the 4th due to a wash out!).  The two nights were a perfect warm up for tennis in 2016, whether you were preparing for the upcoming Super League season or just getting back into tennis it was a great way to bring in the Tennis New Year.  It was a fun, fast paced tennis league that was suitable for all ages and standards.  Each night the players had at least 2 singles matches, playing in round robin format with everyone on the court.

We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.  There was excellent tennis played across the two nights.  A huge congratulations to Richard Colledge (a current Super League player) who won the overall competition.  The overall scores were found by averaging each players weekly aggregate score.   The benefit of this meant that any player, beginner or advanced had the chance to take out 1st place.

2016 Summer Competition Results-page0001Thank you everyone for joining us in our annual Summer Competition. We look forward to seeing everyone back next year.  We wish you the best for the coming year and we’ll see everyone out on court soon.

Shaw Park Tennis Team 


2016 Summer Competition Week 2 Results

It’s been a great start to the Summer Competition after the first week was rained out. We’ve got 2 leaders at the top of the board after Week 2.

Well done to Bryce Collins and Amy Scales for having the highest average after Week 2!

We have 1 week left so it is still anyone’s game. We hope to see everyone back again for Week 3 of the 2016 Summer Competition.

Player Week 1
Bryce Collins 114.00
Amy Scales 114.00
Richard Colledge 112.00
Kristoff Impeciati 110.00
Troy Collins 109.00
Julie Puodziunas 108.00
Rebecca Jendra 108.00
Mark Wilkin 107.00
Dane Rowe 107.00
Jason Wright 106.00
Robin Moore 106.00
Kylie Jendra 105.00
Stephen Howell 104.00
Emily Sankowsky 103.00
Ryan Hastings 103.00
Jon Kemp 103.00
Chris Yiallouros 102.00
Joseph Pritchard 101.00
Greg Sankowsky 100.00
Andrew Michalski 99.00
Wendy Brown 99.00
Rick Coyne 98.00
Niv Jaiswal 97.00
Ann Dixon 96.00
Peter Siokos 95.00
Brad Mackay 94.00
Marcio Francisco 93.00
Danielle Jones 89.00
Lindsay ? 89.00
Rod Densten 87.00

2016 Tennis Coaching Information


Hot Shots Red for 5 to 8 year olds

Monday to Friday: 3.30pm to 4.15pm
Saturday: 8.15am to 9.00am

Played on a smaller court, at this early stage the emphasis is on developing the core tennis skills whilst taking part in lots of fun activities, short matches and team competitions.


Hot Shots Orange for 8 to 10 year olds

Monday to Friday: 4.15pm to 5.00pm
Saturday:  9.30am to 10.15am

Played on an 18 metre court using a slower orange ball, children begin to develop an all-court game, using more advanced tactics and techniques. Competition includes slightly longer matches, played both individually and as part of a team.


Hot Shots Green for 9+ year olds

Monday to Friday: 4.15pm to 5.00pm
 10.15am to 11.00am

At this stage, children will be able to cover a bigger court using a green ball. We emphasise continued technical and tactical development using increased power and spin, as well as specific athletic skills.



Click Here to see a copy of our Coaching Form for 2016:

Tennis Gear Coaching Information Form 



Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about Brisbane Tennis & Tennis Gear Tennis Programs



All participants are required to fill out an enrolment form and return to the office before the start of their first lesson. This is done for safety and insurance purposes – if we have not received a signed enrolment form then you are not permitted to take part in lessons.


Trial Lessons

We do not offer free trial lessons for our coaching program unless specified. If you would like to try a lesson out before going onto our fortnightly payment system then you are welcome to contact our staff and make a booking. You will be charged our casual lesson rate for this lesson and we still require an enrolment form to be filled in before taking part in the lessons. If you do not wish to continue tennis coaching then this form will be destroyed or handed back.



We provide a wide range of coaching programs.  Our coaches are fully qualified tennis coaching professionals trained to the highest level.  All of our coaches are required to attend regular staff training and professional development sessions and we are one of the few coaching businesses that make it an absolute requirement for our coaches to be Tennis Australia qualified.


What should I bring along?

Comfortable enclosed sports shoes, a hat, water bottle and racquet.


How are groups determined?

After initially being enrolled in a class suitable for their age and skill level, students will be assessed by their coach and may be moved to a group that is more appropriate to their standard. We also use our Rally Awards system to help organise classes according to ability and experience.


What is the class size ratio?

Class sizes vary depending on the program. We believe it is important to have similar skill level across players within a group.  Class size ratios are listed below:


Program Average Class Size
Hot Shots Fundamentals (30min) 4
Hot Shots (45min class) 6
Squad (60 or 90min class) 6
Adult (60min class) 8
Private Lessons Max 2


Program Length

Our coaching programs run for 40 weeks per year. We do not coach on public holidays or State School holidays. We do coach on student free days at our centres, but not at schools. Please remember, your enrolment and payment authority remains in place until you notify us of your intention to cease. Put simply, if you want to stop lessons we need 14 days notice in writing – just shoot us through an email and it will be done!


Are the students assessed?

Yes, students are assessed against broad criteria set down by Tennis Australia every six months.  We try to communicate with parents regularly regarding their kids progress. Students are progressed using the Tennis Australia endorsed Hot Shots system.


Can parents watch?

Yes, parents are encouraged to watch, however we ask that parents do not enter the court unless requested by the coach.



Payments for lessons are charged fortnightly in advance from your nominated credit card or bank account. You are free to stop lessons at any time by providing 14 days written notice. We do not charge by the term, issue accounts, or accept ad-hoc payments over the counter. All regular coaching and Gameplay programs are charged by Direct Debit and your commitment to the program you enrol in is limited to 14 days.


Is there a joining fee?

Yes, we require all regular coaching and Hot Shots League students to pay a joining fee of $39. This fee covers your insurance and affiliation with Tennis Queensland plus other benefits including membership to your Tennis Gear Tennis Club. An annual ongoing membership of $15 (included in the joining fee in your first year).


When should I start?

Our programs are designed to allow students to commence learning from any point within the program. Our focus is to ensure each student is grouped with players of a similar age and skill level.  We use the Tennis Australia endorsed Hotshots program to teach and grade students.


What age?

Players can commence lessons from aged 3 or 4. We hold special 30 minute classes “Hot Shots Blue” for players aged between 3 & 4 years.


What is Hot Shots Leagues?

Hot Shots League game play is a specific coach supervised activity that introduces students to match play in a fun, controlled environment and allows them to practice what they have learned in their lesson.  We highly recommend these programs for any students attending Hot Shots lessons looking to rapidly improve their game.


Hot Shots Group Lessons vs Hot Shots Leagues

Hot Shots coaching refers to the Tennis Australia endorsed system of coaching and grading based on using modified equipment and coloured balls red, orange and green. Hot Shots Leagues are our match play programs where players are graded based on their ball colour (ie orange) and play against other players in a supervised environment.  Hot Shots Leagues are not a lesson, but it is a great way to practice the skills learned in their lesson.


Wet Weather – What happens if it rains?

We will do everything possible to run our programs as scheduled, however on occasion weather may force us to cancel.  Decisions to cancel lessons will generally not be made until immediately prior to the scheduled lesson commencement time.


Who do I call?

You can contact our centre immediately prior to the lesson scheduled commencement time.


When is the make-up for the wet weather lesson?

Wet weather make-up lessons are scheduled on Week 5 Sunday and Week 10 Saturday. To book into the make-up class, simply visit the office and list your child’s name in the appropriate class. Booking for these classes is essential.


Other Make-ups

Due to our strict class size requirements, we do not offer make-up classes for casual absence or sickness.   However if you are absent from class for an extended period of time i.e. more than 2 weeks, please contact us to make alternate arrangements.


School Lessons

Again we do everything in our power to ensure the lesson is held on the scheduled day. At most schools we have an undercover area that we can utilize if the courts are unplayable. Check with you coach to find out the procedure for your school. Lessons lost due to wet weather can be made on the wet weather makeup day at any of our centres. Remember to book your place in these classes. See our yearly calendar at the end of this form for dates.



How are fees charged?

We offer a convenient payment that provides payment of tennis tuition fees fortnightly from your nominated credit card or bank account. You can start your lessons at any time throughout the year and finish at any time; our only requirement is that you provide 14 days written notice of your intention to do so.


Any transaction fees?

No. Tennis Gear absorbs the transaction fees for you.   Our program fees listed in the table on page 4 includes all transaction processing fees.


How do I cancel my enrolment?

You can cancel your enrolment and payment authority at any time by providing 14 days written notice. Your instructions must be in writing, it is not sufficient to tell your coach, call our counter staff or leave a message. Cancellation & amendment forms are available from our office or you can email your instructions to accounts@tennisgear.com.au.


When are payments made?

Payments are charged to your nominated bank account or credit card fortnightly.  Further information can be found on the DDR Payment Authority.


Who is Ezidebit?

We have engaged Ezidebit to process the credit card and bank account transactions on our behalf. The name Ezidebit Health & Fitness Newstead will appear on your bank statement or credit card statement as the billing agent for your tennis tuition fees.


What about public holidays?

We do not run tennis coaching on public holidays.  If you are enrolled in a class that falls on a public holiday, you will be not be charged for that lesson.


Joining Fee and MTC Membership

It is compulsory that all regular players and students at our centres become members of the Tennis Gear Coaching Membership for insurance purposes.  Our $39 joining fee includes the $15 Annual Membership fee and also includes Tennis Queensland membership. Membership with TQ membership normally costs $99 per player and provides players with personal accident insurance as well as a host of other benefits. Please visit www.tennisqueensland.com.aufor more information.


What are the benefits?

The offers and benefits vary from time to time and are published on our website at www.tennisgear.com.au. They include accident and injury insurance cover, membership with Tennis Queensland, access to our club championships, discounts and benefits such as priority tickets to the Brisbane International.


How much are the fees?

The initial joining fee is $39 and annual membership fee is $15 per annum and is charged annually at the beginning of each year.


Why do I have to pay this?

Our centres are affiliated with Tennis Queensland. Tennis Queensland is the governing body of our sport and they charge a fee to their affiliates for membership to cover their costs in providing insurance cover, support and administration of our state tennis programs.  This cost is passed on to affiliated clubs such as ours and then shared equally across our players.


How do I claim on the insurance policy?

As a member of our Club you are covered for accident and injuries sustained while you are involved in tennis related activities. If you sustain an injury that you wish to obtain compensation for please go to the websites listed below for additional information regarding a claim.


Where can I get more information?

For more information about the policy and inclusions please see http://australia.marsh.com/Programs/Tennis/Home


For information regarding member benefits with Tennis Queensland please see http://www.tennis.com.au/qld/clubs/membership/member-benefits




You can speak with your coach at the conclusion of the lesson, speak with the office counter staff or you can visit our website at www.tennisgear.com.au


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