Summer League Week 1 Results

Week 1 of our annual Summer League competition has been and gone. Rain threatened play but we managed to make it through the night.  In the table below you can see the overall results for the evening.  After week 1 Keiran Fleming has taken out the top spot, well done.  Remember, the competition takes into account games won, games lost, sets won and sets lost. Along with bonus points for these also. So fight for very game!

We’ll be seeing plenty of new faces joining the comp next Tuesday…will Keiran secure his spot again or will be seeing someone new rise up!?

Stay tuned for Week 2 results.

Keiran Fleming 114.00
Steve Moriarty 113.00
Anish Mathew 113.00
Lachlan Springthorpe 109.00
Alex Bareno 108.00
Jason Wright 107.00
Bill Maguire 105.00
Anthony Watcham 105.00
Ben Lanza 103.00
Craig O’Shannessey 103.00
Greg Sankowsky 100.00
Rick Coyne 99.00
Matt McKay 98.00
Brian Gollogly 97.00
Stephen Howell 96.00
Nivesh Jaiswal 96.00
Joe Barker 95.00
Joab Johnstone 94.00
Jae Park 94.00
Aiddon McCarthy 91.00