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Hi players,

Happy Easter! We hope you are having a safe and enjoyable long weekend.
Thank you for joining us throughout this season, it has been great getting to know everyone and playing when we could.  It has definitely been a learning process from day 1 for all of us. The different rules took a bit of getting used to, but we all got there in the end!
Last Friday we all got together for one last night of tennis and a BBQ. We really enjoyed the night and hope you did too! We also did a few presentations at the end of the night, the best dressed category went to Jenny F who turned up in a great amount of colour.
Huge well done to Richard who took our the overall FAST4 Champion title.  Damian wasn’t far behind in second place, and Jenny M coming in third place.
Here are the overall scores from the season:

In the email that was sent out at the start of the term I explained how the scoring was going to work and what was needed to qualify for the win.  The scores were gathered each week from the ‘teams’ results.  All games WON and LOST made a different to the overall score.  The score the ‘team’ got was also the ‘individual’ result that week for both players in the team.  If we had set teams each week we wouldn’t have had to worry about transferring the scores.  To be in the running to win you were required to have attended at least 6 times.

I know a few people expressed interest in continuing to play socially throughout the holidays until FAST4 returns. We most certainly have the courts available but we are unfortunately not able to organise the night.  The best option for the next 2 weeks would be to get a group together and hire a court. FAST4 will be back before you know it though! Our Monday Night Social is another great option.  There are no coaches throughout the holidays but we have a group attend each Monday night, 7.30pm just for social play.
If you’ve got any queries or feedback for us please let us know.  We would like to thank each and every one of you for joining us the weeks you could and making the program as successful as it has been.  We can’t wait to see everyone back after the holidays.  We will be in contact with more information soon.

All the best,

Robyn & Will

Shaw Park Tennis Team


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